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The Birth and Inspiration of
The Rock Workout

My mentor, Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’. 

I have never come across such a dedicated individual who has trained consistently for the past twenty years. A knee, shoulder, or ankle injury, absolutely nothing has stopped him from staying healthy and fit. The positivity, strength, and determination that he oozes is undeniably worth looking up to.

My inspiration, on the other hand, comes from my four amazing kids and wonderful husband.

Around five years ago, I fell critically ill. I looked at my kids and said, “I need to fight for them, they need their mother.” I started by changing my eating habits and exercising for a maximum of 15 minutes a day – which was what I could manage at the time. I kept persevering and eventually could manage six hours of exercise. Eating healthy and exercising is what brought back the quality of my life. It was then that I decided that I would pursue a career in nutrition and personal training to help change the quality of life for many people out there who are suffering on a daily basis.

About Me, in short

Friendly, energetic & extroverted. Great listener. The go-to person when anyone has a problem. Hard worker. Passionate. Family-orientated. Love having my hair brightly coloured. Under Armour VIP and absolute die-hard advocate.  

My Story

I hail from the quaint little town of Pietermaritzburg and grew up in a loving, fun-filled household with two younger sisters and a younger brother.

I am blessed to still have both my parents who are instrumental in ensuring that our family meets with each other regularly as it is their firm belief that there is no stronger bond than that of a family bond.

With my dad being an avid sportsman, I was exposed to physical activities from an early age however, the physical activities stopped when I started preparing for the biggest chapter of my life at the time… marriage!

My story took an unfortunate turn years ago when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This resulted in many of my organs wanting to shut down. After my diagnosis and treatment, I made a conscious decision to show my four kids that nothing was going to keep their mother down.

I started with a 15-minute daily exercise routine and steadily increased my time until I was doing an unbelievable six-hour-a-day exercise regime. I started at the gym as a regular patron and thoroughly enjoyed exercising and keeping fit for some time.

While exercising one day, I noticed a woman struggling with her knee. At this point, I decided to help people by empowering them with exercise and fitness tools to enhance the quality of their lives.

To introduce myself to the “fitness world”, I decided to hold the “Little Black Dress” challenge, the first challenge of many, which was aimed at women and young women wanting to be fit & lose weight at the same time – this challenge was free to the females in the community. As the name suggests “Little Black Dress” – the challenge was about fitting into that one item in your cupboard that you did not give away in hope of one day fitting into it. The overwhelming response I received led to the opening of my own little studio where I cater to all the different needs of my ladies, including one-on-one lessons, group training, and mobile at-home training.

A fitness freak by nature and passionate about what I do, my working day starts at 4:45 AM with my first client and ends off at 10:15 PM with my last client. I have a few breaks in between for quick on-the-go snacks and school drop off and pick-ups. I thoroughly enjoy this time with my kids catching up and listening to their stories of the day. Another very important part of my day is prayer as this is the time I reconnect with my maker and re-charge for the rest of the day.

I am grateful for the love and support of my family. My kids were and still are my biggest motivation and my husband has been my biggest cheerleader.

The happiness and joy I see when my clients achieve their goals is my motivation to ensure they accomplish all they set out to do while becoming physically and emotionally stronger.

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