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Skinny Frappe

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Meal Replacement Shake For Weight Loss.
Provides Essential Daily Vitamins
Feel Fuller For Longer
Tastes Delicious

– 99% fat-free
– 10g Protein per serving
– Less than 1g of Sucrose
– Maltodextrin Free

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Chocolate Skinny Frappé program for Weight Loss Control and Energy. A Low Calorie, Fat & Sugar Balanced Diet Drink With a 5* Taste!

Real low fat snack with added ingredients to assist with toning
Enjoy it chilled or as a hot latte.

A delicious addition to a healthy lifestyle that will keep you feeling full and revved up to take on your day & helps you recover after a workout.
This fit and firm frappe offers a wonderful, long-lasting, protein-boosting low fat beverage that you can enjoy as a snack to help satisfy your sweet tooth.

Lose Weight At A Fast Rate
Notice Visible Results In First Week
Increased Energy Levels
An Improved Complexion & Radiant Glow
Great Tasting
Reduce appetite & Boost Metabolism
Contains 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients
Reduce Bloating

Skinny Frappé offers a great, long-lasting, protein-boosting low fat, a beverage that you can enjoy as a snack to help satisfy your sweet tooth. It is ideal for those looking for that kick towards a healthier lifestyle and more energy. It is formulated with highly sought-after ingredients each sourced and selected for its unique properties.

1 review for Skinny Frappe

  1. Asmaa

    Tastes absolutely amazing! The perfect sweet snack to satistfy those iced mocha cravings ❤️

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